Thanks for checking out my temporary portfolio. I usually like to code these myself but just haven't had the chance to finish developing my latest design. So, I put this together in a weekend using Fruition and Notion, which was fun but resulted in some less than stellar performance.

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I'm a full-stack designer from Chicago.

Though UI Design is my focus, I dabble in a bit of everything from wireframes to javascript.

<aside> ✅ UX Research (research, wire frames)


<aside> ✅ UI Design (visual, high-fidelity comps)


<aside> ✅ Front-End Dev (HTML/CSS/presentational JS, prototyping)


Throughout my 15 year career I've worked on some really amazing projects with some really great clients.

Here's just a handful that I've worked on (and some that I may quite possibly be working on at this very moment).


Adam Fox

💼 Experience

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